Sustainable Progress
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Understanding Sustainability
In order to create sound strategies and tactics that will be successful in the long term, they must be based on the earth’s natural limits - on ecological and scientific realities - which our clients understand. We provide frameworks that are applicable in organizational and community settings.

  • Executive Briefings: Briefings for management that provide an introduction to the need for sustainability, sustainability concepts, and how they can be leveraged in an organization’s strategy
  • Workshops: A variety of workshops that provide context and a framework for understanding and measuring progress toward sustainability including: The Natural Step, The Ecological Footprint, ecological indicators, sustainability trends, and other information that will be tailored to meet client needs.

Strategic Consulting
Based on existing organizational goals, we help identify strategies that improve long term performance including resource efficiency, new products and services, attracting new customers, and improving employee recruitment and retention.

Management Systems – Environmental and Sustainability

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
    Includes ISO 14001 or a custom system to meet your needs
  • Sustainability Management Systems (SMS)
    Systems which measure and set goals for financial, environmental, and social performance

Opportunity Assessments
We offer assessments that determine an organization’s opportunities for improving financial, environmental, and social performance.

Project Management and Implementation
We help implement plans to make progress toward sustainability. We can match up an organization with specific experts in areas where deeper understanding or innovation are needed such as green building, energy, chemicals, solid waste, water, packaging, marketing, law, accounting, etc.

Communication outreach
As organizations make positive change we can provide assistance communicating these changes inside and outside of the organization.


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